Friday, 16 June 2017

Heart Renaissance

I write because my life would be significantly diminished if I stopped. Does this ensure that this will result in a worthwhile contribution? Well I suppose it could be suggested, that no bearing upon the focus or content would be assured. If that were considered from a strictly intellectual stand point it might be true. However, if it were considered that the principal benefactor and generator of the writing, is my heart; then, whether you agree with the content or not; it must then be acknowledged that the energy upheld is that of passion and enthusiasm. I would advocate that everyone find a way to spend some time immersed in their passion. Even if only for a short while each day. In fact, observance of consistent short duration; has the accumulative advantage, over an occasion marathon session.

Is this "indulgent." Absolutely! In the most scrumptious soul-feeding manner. I have been in some breath-taking temples of worship and I would submit though visually stunning and undeniably breath-taking; one might consider that none can, or should be allowed, to overshadow the temple of your own heart.

Consider the impact on the world around us were more people to embrace and live with reverence toward their own heart. Conversely, ask what effect on personal relationships, community, national and international relationships arises, from what might be called, a heart-centered focusing famine.

Mine by some standards is a path of limited academia. The same could be said of time spent in intellectualized religious constructs. If one were to become acquainted with and attendant to, their heart; they would have a lifetime affiliation with a higher learning faculty, and opportunity to live a full immersion in all elements contained throughout the spectrum of spiritual tenets.

I'm not trying to make a case for (or against) seeking "formal education," I would suggest that the hearts involvement should be given first consideration in the choice (not dragged along as an after-thought or begrudging participant). A heart shouldn't just "be in it," - "It," might be allowed then to be defined by the heart. It may be immediately apparent when pondering that notion, the practice (or initiation) of such a way of being, doesn't hinge on commencement, being reliant on widespread approval outside yourself. When you say so, so it begins!

As this "relationship" deepens and expands there would innately be less cause to look to how others are "doing it."

I read .. quite voraciously for the sheer pleasure of it. I don't look to what anyone else is doing as a writer, to develop my writing. I love to read and I love to write. Naturally one feeds the other. Styles of various authors as well as their particular window on the world most certainly have influenced me. How could they not? But I'm not trying to emulate anyone else. Even if I wanted to, how could I? Though for example, there are some very good musical impersonators/cover bands, they are not the original. They bring considerable practice, passion, talent and commitment to what they do. It would be a considerably different journey to foster, expand and stand in being the original them.

This is what I seek for myself .. this is what I advocate for others (while still honouring anyone's choice to say: no thanks!) - the best possible version of one's self! Think about it, better still; allow yourself to feel into it: how good is it really, even if you are the "best,"to be an imitation of someone else?

What potentials of yours are then, left shrivelling on the vine? What "song" of yours, remains unsung? If I have anything to say about it, which obviously I do, more people would step beyond the incremental soul-suicide of believing it necessary to shoulder continually the burden of resignation and obligation, suffering and victimhood.

An interesting perspective I wish to present is that which might occur surprising, unlikely or even implausible. How many people here on planet earth, are waiting, hoping, calling or yearning for, what is imprinted upon yours (and yours only) heart?

I don't dwell in - but I am aware of sadness around the denying and abandonment of my own heart. I disclose that in order to suggest, I then am aware of the pain present for others that do that same thing. That in itself, the suffering created by and toward self, in itself matters ... immensely!

Beyond that, "we" don't suffer alone. Though each can freely choose to continue to repress their heart theirs might not be only, a personal suffering. I'm speaking here from a perspective of interconnection.

When the Hopi prophecy proclaimed "We are the one's we've been waiting for..."
I'm expanding that to ask ... who else is waiting, for us to show up?

And in answering the call of your own heart to realize itself/yourself might you discover that it's not your call at all ... but possibly the call of many and answering their call - might answer questions you don't even realize your asking?!!

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