Saturday, 24 June 2017

How Many, Roads......

What of this "Road Less Travelled?"
I'll outsmart them all!
While they sit in traffic.
The curiosity compels me!
Why is this road so empty?
This is going to be easy, breezy, if you please!
I won't follow the migration of the blind
This is a crossroad, that is, a no-brainer!
Adios Amigos!

I can't imagine why this freedom is renounced
"They," are nearly all, out of sight
But haven't gone, anywhere
Won't somebody join me here?
Wait a minute, it's day time - isn't it?
Why is it so dark & foggy along here?
I don't know where I'm going, & now I can see it, if I did!

What kind of road is this anyway?
Who would build such a thing?
Maybe I'm not so smart after all
Why the hell did I come this way?
I can't go back, I come quite some way
Where I'm going, is near as close, as the distance I've come..
Isn't it?
Where I was no longer exists for me...

Who goes off this way without direction or cause?
Are questions still rhetorical or relevant, where there's no one to answer?
I'm certainly not as sure as when I left
I need help
And it's abundantly clear, there's a great deal of just me here
If there were a loving and guiding force available
Could I please be availed some direction

I've been along this way -for a very long time
A word or two of reassurance would be welcome
The destination is evasively around, the enticing next corner
Despite, and because of myself
Each next corner is realized
I am deeply grateful to the invitation of curiosity
Feet might fail me without it
I deeply respect "it's" source

I no longer walk this road
To set myself a part from those on the alternative roads
I'm here because it's my road
I wouldn't have known myself
As part of this experience
Had I chose another route
I'm happy to share a smile as we pass

What glorious adventures await us all
There is nothing lacking in having our own experience
Oh how perfect - one call, so many directions
I wish you views of endless grandeur
And we may even journey a while in a common direction
At the moment, I'm now just upon the pinnacle, of the last hill
I'm going to enjoy the view and bolster myself
As even now... I see the approach, of another cross-road.

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