Thursday, 22 June 2017

Gimme Shelter (Please)

A broken down church
Extends public invitation
Welcome to our prayer room

When a heart seeks communion
An open door need present
Next a willingness to enter

No respite from the churning sea, to be found
While judging the state of the harbour
Now haven held, a cause for wonder

When the seas are churning
Peace adorns the sanctuary - not frescoes
A humble submission, upheld within unadorned walls and glass stained by the ages

Assisi's transformed philanderer & failed warrior
Conscripted and redirected to lead a spiritual legion
Invited to rebuild a church fallen into disrepair

Grace then, doesn't deliver the blow
But is there to gain access through the breech
Choose, patch the wall or it's entire dismantling

Welcome extended before arrival
A heart held, heard and honoured
A relationship is renewed, guidance requested, release - it is done!

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