Saturday, 3 June 2017

Heart Etchings

As my writing focus has been primarily the reading through of the professionally edited manuscript of my book; with the exception of some spontaneous short poems or expressions on social media, I haven't visited the gaping maw of a blank blog page for quite sometime.

Of those in the moment social media creations, I must say; the joy and ease of their creation is delightful. What can I say of "pure creativity?" I don't know for sure that these, in the moment streams of consciousness constitute purity or creation; but they might be close. Perhaps I can lend some shape to them by describing what they're not? Most certainly not premeditated! They arise either in response to the content I have posted; someone else has posted, or the personal commentary/observation of those that posted them.

In this they arise organically and certainly authentically. I suppose the main distinction is essentially zero contemplation. It just flows. As I sit here and write this, I consider maybe it's not that different than my blog writing. I seldom have a preconceived theme, I just begin. The blog then, might not have even the slightest thematic or impassioned provocation.  Such would be the case, today! Except maybe my focus elsewhere, has led to the feeling that I want to revisit this portal of mine. I'm missing my blog. And, it only took three paragraph's to get in touch with that!

I suppose it can also be expanded to resolve any potential shared missing of the blog. If I'm missing it and rectify that for myself.. any whom drop by here and are curious; as to the current machinations spun from my writing desk, they will thereby soon be satiated.

The book and the blog represent different shades of the same commitment. The journaling/activity that compromised the raw material for the book took place over five years ago. The book project then in some way, shape or form has been a presence in my life ever since. Along the way, the book has given way to the blog and vice versa. Life in it's various permutations has provided both inspiration and distractions. Maybe at some place in the future I'm more rigidly held to guidelines, deadlines even a specified subject matter; so far the development of my passion for writing has been afforded liberation from all of it. As such, it can be said I'm "write on" schedule!

My writing journey (which is largely synonymous) with my life journey, continues to take place while I'm currently in Ireland. The country itself represents to me a vast array of inspirational presence. The impact of this for me is experienced on all imaginable levels of my being and likely those I haven't begun to realize.

Even the similarity of "blogging" while sitting in the coffee shop ends about there. After all I have day-dreamed a plenty while sitting around coffee shops in Victoria; often times about how or even if, was I going to get back to Ireland. I got here! I'm still here! I go to sleep here! I wake up, and I'm still here!

Appreciate that I have lived in Victoria my entire life. As such, I don't have to be constantly on the move while here, to be living a vastly different experience. Just the other day, within the same day, I'm transported to a beautiful little seaside town for lunch and then to an ancient cultural/spiritual sites and back to where I began, in time for dinner!

To sit and reflect on that which has been allowed to occur in my life, that which I'm still right smack in the midst of; my heart swells with appreciation and the recognition of the grace I'm blessed with.

If there was ever any dissonance between my written expression proclaiming the joy and satisfaction of following one's heart and making dreams come true and that which was reflected in my life..... I fully intend to lay that firmly and completely to rest.

I don't wish to down play anyone with regard to what their current life circumstances are and what might be involved to change that situation. I know full well there are people living in situations that I can't begin to really understand... having lived nothing of the sort. The bottom line is, it's not a competition therefore I'm not going to minimize, categorize or dismiss, my own life journey either.

I think it worth saying, elements of what I'm describing in my current reality are fairly far-removed from any that have comprised my life previously. The prospect of having and writing to a blog, ongoing online correspondence with an editor that is helping me develop and prepare to publish (in some form) a book; all while being in Ireland is amazing to me and often, surreal.

While it might occur to be this grand and exotic life (and actually it is) it is by no means unattainable for others. My point is, it all represents an example of what is possible. Dreams can and do come true.   Of course there are innumerable variables along the way. I have no way of knowing the future regarding any of what I'm currently living... but I'm squeezing it for all it's worth now. And if I can do it so can anyone. At no time do I wish to present myself as being special.  Through the example, guidance, inspiration of others that are pushing their dreams and visions into the world; I am daring to take baby steps in the directions of some of my own. It doesn't mean the end of challenge, it doesn't guarantee immediate success (or any success) - but it is demonstrating to me far more is possible than I would have believed at other places in my life.

It doesn't end for me at just the realization of that! Which is not a statement of minimisation of the power of believing in more being possible. It's that my dreams include, the supporting of others to live their dreams into being. Especially those that had resigned themselves to believing nothing further was possible for them.

My own experience and witnessing those of others has me deeply convinced of the power and potential held within each person. Whether for better or worse; I held that I couldn't possibly represent any of this as being true for anyone else; if it were not tangibly operating in my own life.

Will my current reality give rise to a meteoric "rags to riches" story? I wouldn't know. While I acknowledge those for whom such a story is their life experience indeed have a story to tell; it's not necessarily the entirety of what I personally value or define as "successful." While there are obviously economic realities to be considered; I would encourage that each, define success for themselves, from the inside out.

The beautiful thing about this inside/out perspective is that nothing that is going on in my life need appeal, to anyone else but me! I'm not asking or suggesting that anyone follow in my footsteps. Then I would feel a need to be accountable for your destination. And there'd certainly be no assurance you'd like where you ended up. Define your own path, then you can decide where you go next if your not satisfied with the view from your current vantage point.

Perhaps ironic, perhaps not in the least, the book I'm working on features a labyrinth. The inception of that journey came as a result of following my heart. The further development, a passion and penchant for writing. It seems to me the heart itself is a most extraordinary labyrinth. When it's path is superimposed upon a life and becomes both the guiding influence; as well as creator of the path that manifests; there's no telling where it will lead. The collective experiences to date inform me, it will be anything but dull!

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