Wednesday, 26 July 2017

A Dynamic Trio

If you were granted three wishes
What would you choose?

If you were told
The only way 
Those wishes
Will be realized
Is to trade your wishbone
For a back bone
Would you make 
The change?
"There is nothing 
More certain and unchanging
Than uncertainty and change..."
Wishing and envisioning,
While an alluring,
And a useful and effective beginning.
To stay there,
Would be, 
To move in,
To the castle in sky.
So then. 
To entertain further,
Conversion from fantasy,  
To fruition.
The newly implanted
May become 
Of paramount importance.
As one now exercises
The choice,
Take a Chance.
No choice,
To bring about change,
Can be undertaken,
Without taking, 
A chance.
There's also 
A chance.
That the choice
You make.
Will not 
Yield the change
You expected.
It's possible,  
If you choose
No change.
It will occur
Leaving it necessary,
To choose, 
In some manner,
A response, 
To the change.
Though nothing
In the way 
Of a guarantee exists.
It might be considered,
That it is best,
To master the relationship, 
Between these three.
Preferable to have,
The magic working,
With you. 
Than to attempt,
To resist. 
And thereby
The consequences,
Of their  forces,
As an adversary.

R. O'Neill (July 26, 2017)

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