Saturday, 29 July 2017

I Don't Know You....

I don't know you
Yet the gravity
Of your suffering
From every fibre of my heart
Torrents of 
Empathy and compassion
You stand on the brink
At the junction 
Of endless yesterdays
and despair
Courting the hopelessness
Of today
And oblivious to tomorrow
The terror
Of another existential
Apply, rinse, repeat
Draws you ever closer
To a violent cessation
Of an earthbound incarnation

I don't know you
But your suffering
Torments me
Wrenching me from sleep
So that I might
Go another round
Angels and Demons  
Would have me believe
Your plight
Everything and/or Nothing 
To do with me

For the Love of God
But then 
Have you renounced 
God entirely?
If so
What would I presume
To bring 
To lay upon 
The altar of your suffering
I am a weave 
Of the same 
Failures, foibles, and fears
As you...

I don't know you
But I already
Grieve the loss
Of who you are
And who you might have become
The world so desperately
Needs your tender heart 
And your beautiful sensitivity
I pray that you continue
To share that with humanity
Should you choose
Instead to dash your gifts
Upon the rocks
I will rise with the sun 
Loving with all my heart
Yours & mine
The news
Of your choice 
Will deeply sadden me
Which I then 
Will carry
As I consider
For a time
The tortuous inquiry
Until the love 
For both you and me
The suffering 
Why - you left
The hope and inspiration
Why - will I stay

I don't know you
But there is so much
Love for you 
And so much love 
That is you
If you won't 
Allow for that
My life
And the world
Will be lessened 
By your loss
But with all my 
I will love you 
And let you go

R. O'Neill (July 29, 2017)

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