Thursday, 13 July 2017

Heart's Renaissance

How could I not see you
The audacity
of your 
Commanding presence 
 Patiently have you waited
While it seemed
More pressing 
That I devote my attention
To bricks & mortar
Engineered at all levels of being
I simply renounced
The idea of paradise
Convinced of the need 
Of Fortification
Before I fell prey
To the Scourge
Real or imagined
I would not fall
Until I could
No longer 
Run fast enough
Or far enough
No wall high enough
To quell 
The pain of separation
I looked 
Around the confines 
Of my cell
Dark, dank, dismal 
How then could 
I invite you
In here
How strange to discover
The door I was invited to knock on
Was to that of my own prison
Freedom offered incrementally
Beginning with 
Allowing your light 
Passage, through my now open door
Your grace and understanding
The voracity with which I clung
To the familiar darkness
Only when invited 
You began to sweep clean 
A heart turned hovel
Restoring it once again 
To a more hospitable dwelling
The remaining walls
Proved no match
For the power
Of a Love 
So complete
My request
Of dismantling
While transforming
All that 
Was misaligned
Now in full view
Your magnificence
Catches short my breath
And reverberates through my heart
I live now
To sing your praises
And embody your grace
Won't you please
Abide in 
And guide me through
A heart seeing as you

R. O'Neill (July 13, 2017)

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