Saturday, 29 July 2017

Warriors of Peace

Would you 
Only hold as true
That gallantry 
Is only to be found
Upon desolate
Battle fields 
Where echoed 
Is the gnashing of steel
Flesh rendered
Bones splintered
Whereby throughout history
The best of innovative minds
Conspire to present
A more efficient killing machine
Until military 
Entertain their allied counterpart
Sharing dessert 
While they rain missiles 
On the soon to become
Collateral damage
Within arenas 
Where war has been declared
 Where sinew & tissue
Do battle
For public amusement
Plunder and profit
Victim and perpetrator
Oppressor and the enslaved
Neither side
Imagine themselves
To be the villain
Their's is a mighty
And just cause
How long
Before the monster hunter
Becomes the monster?

What of the personal Armageddon?
The inner Jihad...
Isn't each
In need of an Armistice
Within themselves
If intent on avoiding 
Waging this inner battle
How many then
Will become the fallout 
Of those
Continuing to wage 
The wars of self-hatred
But rather than lance
This inner boil
They choose instead
To project it's venom 
On all that cross their path

A new world warrior
Is being born
And called into action
He or she
Will not shun
This battle within
The warrior of old
Is to become
For their's
A battle without end
To a hammer
Everything looks 
Like an nail
A consciousness upgrade
Must then 
Lasting peace
The courage
Fortitude and integrity
Love and compassion
And hearts
Of the next generation warrior
Will be duly tested
The old guard
Will not release it's grip
Without it's hallmark
Tactics of provocateur
And manipulation
The "war to end all wars"
Will be the war
That will not take place
Obvious in it's articulation
More challenging in it's execution
The peaceful warriors
From throughout history
Have left ample
For the waging
Their spirits
Will lead the charge
In all those
That dare to march
Wielding the love 
In their hearts
Fettered neither by
The need 
To attack or defend

R. O'Neill (July 29, 2017)

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