Friday, 21 July 2017

Seat of Stillness

Far beyond distraction's
Evan that of
The most staggering beauty
Which though breath-abating
In it's own right
Still denies 
The sweet embrace
And the kiss of origin
Found in the quietude 
Of the soul's
Natural habitat
One need be willing
To renounce
Attachment to 
The day's drama & chaos
More important still
That of his or her own
Deep with the sub-strata
Caves and grottos'
Invisible to eyes
Filled with the turbulence
Of a world
Lost in the conscious cacophony 
Of it's unconscious terror
Safely nestled therein
One can avail themselves
To the ambrosial nectar
Of divine intimacy
By the hand
Of Creation
Your each respiration
And heart beat
Drawn from 
The very breath 
And Pulse

Rob  O'Neill (July 21, 2017)

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