Tuesday, 4 July 2017

One (Not the Loneliest Number)

Bless all that is holy.
That love for self.
In itself, holy.
Transforms image management. 

As I seek.
To embrace.
The entirety.
Of my humanity.

A fully integrated,
Non-selective love.

I seek. 
To be shaped.
Authentic soul alignment.

Necessarily then,
Who I am. 
A stand, 
For self-determination.

A deepening self-love,
Offers freedom,
For me & you, 
Of criticism, from or toward, either.

Allowing the freedom & joy
To be me
Will me mirrored
In no concern, for changing you

I insist on, 
The dignity of my own journey,
And fully support,
Each their own.

I will 
Fully love 
The one's I'm with
When I fully love the one I am.

Rob  O'Neill (July 04, 2017)

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