Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Legions of the Heart

Though the annals, 
Of history,
Are replete, 
With battlefield glory.
Which foist,
Warrior champions,
Into the limelight.
The day is dawning. 
When a new form, 
Of warrior. 
Will enter the arena.
Though most certainly, 
There have been, 
Those scattered throughout time.
With the exception,
Of a notable few,
These would truly,
Be the "unsung heroes."*
Warriors of the Heart.
The time is upon us.
That will reveal,
That the most sophisticated,
Technological weaponry,
Along with the most, 
Brilliant of military strategy,
Is futile and obsolete.
Until the tipping point,
Is reached.
The heart warriors,
Will be called upon,
To embody and enact,
What might seem,
Superhuman courage.
As they sidestep, 
The temptation,
To engage in the status quo. 
To these stalwart warriors,
Warfare and battlefield insanity,
Will simple be unconscionable. 
The power of their stand,
Will be wildly unpopular,
In the beginning.
They may well encounter,
Huge resistance, 
From those that would,
Wish to uphold, 
Their perceived stations,
This will call, 
The warriors of the heart,
Into their full power.
As they refuse,
To succumb,
Their demonstration,
Of true power,
Will touch and inspire others, 
Whose numbers,
Will multiply exponentially.
These are the, 
Women and men,
That are poised, 
To write, 
The history books, 
of tomorrow.

*the context "heroes" is used here presumes no particular gender 

R. O'Neill (July 18, 2017)

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