Friday, 28 July 2017

Light Conversation

I am not afraid of the dark
I have faced my own
So I am fully prepared
To witness yours

I welcome 
The true face
Of your soul
Come as it may

I insist you 
Express your true feelings
You need not 
 Caretake mine

I am responsible
For my feelings
I would ask 
The same of you

I would willingly
Weather your full frontal presentation 
Rather than remain
In the toxic ooze of repressed anger

I would not ask
That you temper your fury
Nor to smile 
If that is not your genuine response

I love myself enough
That I'm clear
I am no whipping post
I know who I am

Your projections 
Will be lovingly
Handed back to you
For your further consideration

I have empathy
For what created
 Massaged social personas
I invite removal of the mask

I have no investment
In how you are defined
I will deeply listen
While you tell me

I am not the light
I am it's vehicle
I can hold space for your darkness
Until your love expands to fill it

R. O'Neill (July 27, 2017)

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