Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Buried Treasure

Once my mind 
Was duly occupied
I assigned it a pin
And a few dozen 
Legion of angels 
Issuing the challenge 
Go ahead 
Stack away!!

What can now be expected
Of the meditation/mystery tour
As I sink fully and completely
Into the cushion beneath me
Hey I am fully supported
And how deliciously 
Sensual and intimate
Why hello there
"Come here often"
Of course you do
Heart of my heart 
What a delight
To meet this way

A pathway you say?
Okay .. let's go
Won't be needing these shoes 
Wow the cool moist
Mossy leaf strewn
Is such a joy 
Each step
Draws me more deeply 
Into the earth
While the tree-drenched
Air envelops me
Head to toe
Enticed deeper into the forest
By the crystalline staccato 
Of distant water
Beckoning a rendezvous
Arriving at the pristine waters
There upon it's banks
A large stone
That has been sculpted 
By time itself
And warmed by 
the morning sun
Lying there 
I can both 
See the upstream
And catch 
My image
Cast in my direction
By the fathomless abyss
Of the stream's 
Reflective eye
There is 
A unfamiliar but welcome
Love and compassion
Up from the still
The rippling waters
Are trance inducing
No longer 
Able to discern
Waking consciousness
What is then serving
As my awareness
Is impressed 
By the message 
I'm to receive 
That are to be
Impressed directly 
Into my heart
I am 
First visited
By a beautiful fairy
With silken wings
And breath-stealing
Emerald eyes
Doorways to the very
Life essence of the forest
She gives me 
Three acorns
Strength, Wisdom, Integrity
Next to visit 
A formless luminous spectre
Which presented a harp
 Seek "Harmony"
From far beneath
The surface
Air bubbles
Broke the surface
Then stillness
As a mermaid
Herself skyward
And landed gently 
Upon the rock's surface
Right along side me
In her out stretched hands
Was the most exquisite Lotus
Rebirth, purity, spiritual awakening 
The mirrored surface of the stream 
Came to a rolling boil
Stirred by the undulating power
Of a dragon 
Whipping the water
Into a frothy nog-like state
As it made its way to the water's edge
It's scales gleamed an iridescent 
Rainbow's smile
From one massive clawed appendage
I was handed the most magnificent sword
Courage, Valour, Power and Compassion
The final visitor 
Betrayed it's stealth
As hooves hammered
A tell-tale rhythm
Before it's head broke 
Through the glade
A unicorn
The most radiant 
Of white
With a horn 
That refracted 
The sun
As does the most
Perfectly chiseled 
Gem's facet
From the Unicorn
The most
Complete transmission
Of Unconditional Love
Misguided concerns
of worthiness
Were vanquished instantaneously
As I stirred from 
My previous trance state
And began the return trek
And my mind
Began to assert itself
Having tired 
Of counting angels
It began to cast
Upon the events 
That had so recently
Hadn't they?
It was then
That my heart 
Began to beat 
Such that I was 
Sure it could be heard
Across the room
Across the nearly 
Faded veil
Left upon my consciousness
"All the treasure is in your chest." 

R. O'Neill (July 20, 2017)

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