Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Pledging Peace

While it's considered,
We are all one.
Where I begin, and you end.

The boundary. 
Not for exclusion.
Simultaneously and decisively.
Definitive and permeable.

I was given. 
The sacred responsibility.
This life.

I have: 
Abandoned & Denied
Renounced & projected
The gift, bestowed, by my Creator.

I have:
Rescued & care-taken
Been martyr & victim
My "gallantry" poised - to consume your dignity.

I envision.
Interaction and social transaction,
Based on,
Purity of intention.

Mine or Yours?
Not possessive inventory.
Establishes definitive Soul directives. 

Armistice my design.
Through a reconciliation,
Steeped in,
Truth and forgiveness. 

I therefore,
May carry your groceries.
I leave you to embrace your guilt.

Where spectres
Of shame, anger or inadequacy,
May still reside for me,
This is my rodeo.

The honour and dignity.
And individual sanctity. 
Paramount for ushering,
A ceasefire for one (& for all).

I will be love's vessel.
Praying for your release,
From your personal armageddon.
I didn't create it - can't resolve it.

With all my heart and soul,
I believe in, 
Your innate strength, 
And the gifts your walk will yield.

Not attained,
 unconditional surrender.

There is .
To be no loser.
In a truce.
Arbitrated in Love for all.

R.O'Neill (July 12, 2017)

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