Sunday, 16 July 2017

Something of a Fuss About Nothing

What can I say 
About nothing?
Well already, I've
Said something.
So then, from 
Comes something.
I'm not 
Trying to make
Out of nothing.
To point out.
There is, 
Always nothing.
Before something.
Comes about.
 Isn't nothing then,
Something of 
A doorway?
Isn't it peculiar then,
That before something,
There is nothing to worry about.
And once there is something,
It's too late to worry! 
And worry will get you nothing.

Now what of that door?
It is nothing.
And means nothing.
It is first opened
And then 
One must step through
Something, can occur.
And you can,
and you will, 
Go somewhere.
The door 
In and of itself,
Will be woefully,
To offer, 
Anything in the way, 
Of a detailed, 
Of where it leads.
But it
Most assuredly, 
Will take you 
So you will choose
This door, 
With not nearly,
Enough information.
Most of 
What is in store,
Will not be revealed,
Until the choice,
Is made.
Nothing changes
If, nothing changes.
Failing at doing something,
Less painful than,
Succeeding at doing nothing. 

R. O'Neill (July 16, 2017)

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