Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Lord Let Me Dance...

There will be a witness 
To the dance?
See then, 
Nothing can be allowed,
Limit the dance...
For freedom.
In the invitation, 
To Dance.
May be dance's
Greatest gift.
A rhythmic slow
Brings the body,
Into an awakened state.
Sinews warm.
Pulse quickens.
What is it, 
This body, 
Can do?
What does it 
Want to do?
Am I willing 
to let it lead?
A dialogue
Is enacted.
A sacred intimacy
Is initiated.
Prolonged estrangement, 
Melts away.
Soaring now,
To unexplored heights.
Intuitive choreography,
Overrides a dominant mind,
Now stilled.
Rendering premeditated movement,
Fear of falling,
Is vanquished.
Transcend by, 
Ecstatic union. 
Time is lost.
A story is told.
While another 
Is released.
A stolen breath,
Is exchanged,
For a hardwood portal,
The unknown galaxies.
While you watched
Did you know
What it was
You were seeing?

R. O'Neill (July 25, 2017)

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