Monday, 7 August 2017

Darkness No Match for the Light

If you can't see (and be responsible for)
The consequences
Of your unconsciousness
Then you are still "unconscious"

Let's drop the romanticized notion
That becoming "more conscious"
Puts a "get out of jail free card in your hand"
And you just catapult straight to enlightenment

Knowing this
It doesn't serve
To whistle in the wind
As though there is no darkness

Further dark energies
Shame, Judgement, Persecution
Will not serve 
Bring then, light to the darkness

To ignore the darkness
Only gives it more power
Nothing to fear in the shadows
Merely an absence of light 
The negative opinions and judgments
Of others
Continued punishment 
Cannot "convert" dark to light

There will be those
That want to keep renewing history
If they won't let it go
Let them go

While unconscious
Neither alibi
Nor life sentence

You must become your 
Best friend, hero, advocate
Love yourself deeply enough 
To be your soul's champion

The darkness within you
Is a call
To you from you
For your own love and attention

Self-abandonment and neglect
Will imprison you
On the wheel of seeking external fixes
Or projected blame

Darkness invites you to come home (to yourself)
Once there
Turn some lights on
And restore it as your sacred sanctuary

R.O'Neill (Aug. 07, 2017)

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