Saturday, 5 August 2017

More Revealed .. The More You Will Believe......

Why would you suppose
That your habitual bitterness
Is more "realistic"
Than a world view that
Seeks to see the beauty 
Where ever it will present
And it will
It is not hidden from view
But it can be obscured, by your view
Will you then "work" in the yard
Or create garden hose rainbow?
"Examine the shadow"
Wasn't suggesting, permanent residency
Yes it might cost 
Your comfortable hold
On suffering
But are you not 
Worth at least
A joy filled reprieve
And a new dream?
This is not a judgmental indictment 
Everyone will know pain
There is no intention here
To diminish or dimiss
A true compassion
Won't however, join the "pity-party"
Why do you fight so hard
To find evidence for your negativity?
Doesn't seeking something else being possible
Anything else...
Merit at least, as much energy?
Plant a sunflower
Eat the ice cream
Explore the tide pool
Walk on the grass (barefoot)
Shape shift the clouds
Take the scenic route
Yes it's longer - take it anyway
Talk with (not at) a young child
And listen.. really listen
Take a page out of
Your dog's play book
Dance slow
And hug a plenty
Walk in the rain
You are never lost
You have been redirected 
For your own adventure....

R. O'Neill (Aug. 05, 2017)

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