Sunday, 13 August 2017

Messy, Complicated and Afraid

Dear TED Talks
Contained within
My Audition

Right .. 

(30 sec elevator presentation)

How's this then?

I am:

Messy, Complicated & Afraid!!!

Well yes there's more

But these would be

The Powerpoint slides

The pillars of the presentation

If I knew how 
To work that shit

"Now" and "Agreements"

Uh huh..
That's where it's at, is it?


Okay how's this:

"The Three Truths"

Truth won't fill the seats?


Well you're the experts....

Have you heard... it will set you free?

People won't pay 
To hear me speak the truth??

Are you sure?

They want to get over
Being someone like me.....
Ridding themselves of : 

"Messy, Complicated and Afraid"

And the success gurus 
They would tell them, how that's done...

What would they do with 
Those parts of themselves?
Where would they then 
Put that stuff??

Over come it?
Positive thinking?
Think.. therefore I am...

I don't know...
What do mean, I'm being negative already?

I was just going to say 
I think that 
Though I'm here 
Making this pitch
I am still

"Messy, complicated and Afraid"

Well thank you 
Kind of you to say 
I hide it well...

Afraid of what?
That I won't successfully 
Get through this audition?

No, that doesn't matter
If I get it or not

I am still 

"Messy, complicated and afraid"

Oh I would need to 
No longer be 
These things to 
Get on....

The other "Leaders.."
They are not

"Messy, complicated and afraid?"

You don't say...

How do you know?
Oh... I see, they don't talk about it

So, as long as you don't talk about it
You are not:

"Messy, complicated and afraid.."

You folks wear a lot of makeup
"On the air"
Isn't what you're saying,
A lot like, 
Covering that big zit 
With powder 
And saying it's not there?

Not the same at all 
Right I got ya..
The audition is over...

Not at all..
I've learned so much today...
It's been a brilliant success!

Well yes I'm not 
Going to be 
On the show

In truth 
I'm not here
To put on a show

My approach
I'm going to do 
What's in front of me to do
Being just who I am 

I didn't say

"Messy, complicated and afraid"

Stopped me

My message 
Would center around
People doing 
What they want
As who they are


"Messy, complicated and afraid"

Is nothing to be ashamed of

It takes enormous courage
To show up 
With what you've got

What's that 
You might have 
A spot opening up 
After all...

Well isn't that something ...
But no thank you

I don't think you'd be 
A good fit 
For what it is 
I'm up to....

Ya.. I know..

I'm a little 

"Messy, complicated and afraid"

That way!!

R. O'Neill (August  13, 2017)

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