Saturday, 19 August 2017

Natural Balance

"It's Human nature.."
Implies nature 
Is a collection
Of human attributes.

Rather than, 
To be 
To be
 Part of Nature.

How then 
To delve below 
The surface?
Of my 
Very humanity?

Why of course
Going down 
The rabbit-hole!

That quest began
At a time 
I would have believed
To have
"Hit the bottom"

It was. 
A bottom.
Determined by me.
But it wasn't,
As low as, 
Could be gone.
Nor was it, 
The core of being. 

There are endless
Categories and classifications.
That are virtually, 
Useless, at defining 
The nature 
The nature 

Different collectives.
Have very little 
For how 
You might choose
To define yourself.
Is a design 
To co-opt 
Your energy
To the further 
Power and existence
Of the group entity 

In a widespread
Evolution of consciousness.
And to provide a correction, 
To the gross disparity, 
Widespread oppression. 
A necessary
Swing of the pendulum
Such that women
Are able 
To more 
Readily define
Career path 

A global 
Work in Progress
To be sure
But does it stop there?
There are those, 
Whom would presume.
To not only, 
Chart their destiny, 
As women.
What it is 
To be "a man."

For any group, 
Or individual,
Push their agenda,
On another,
Group or individual.
Is a violation 
Of their soul.

Yes history 
Is replete with examples 
Of a table turned.

It doesn't begin 
to  address
Cultural group mind,
Being forced on 
Other cultures
And these mores
Were upheld 
By both genders

It behooves each.
To determine
From their own core.
From their own, 
Heart and soul.
How they, 
Hold themselves 
In the world,

If it was wrong (which it was)
For men
Be defining and limiting
The lives of women. 
It is no more 
Appropriate that men's 
Lives be determined 
By women.

There is a profound need
For a dropping 
Of widespread divineness. 
And a meteoric rise,
In empathy, compassion and understanding. 
A recognition that humanity 
Is "in this" 
The "global village",
And the "Human family",
Need to become, 
More than idealism,
Crushed beneath.
The boots 
Of dogmas
And a plethora
Of "ism's."

Growing in numbers.
Are those, 
That are throwing down,
The chains of their oppression..
Deep rigorously honest
Might well discover
One is, their own oppressor.

This can be seen constantly
In examples of 
Individuals that empower themselves
To rise beyond the status quo
Even where totalitarian regimes
Are in power

Soul-aligned self-determination.
Is behind thriving, 
For the individual,
Which would directly benefit,
Their community. 
The deeper one connects
The "themselves."
The deeper they realize, 
They are connected,
To everyone else,
And the planet we live on.

No one ought be left behind.
It is not "human nature,"
That threatens humanity. 
Nature sees to it 
That survival is 
Provided for.
It is greed and power-lust,
That see fit to seed,
The disparity in the world.
Humanity needs 
The collective power
Of all it's diversity
Focused on 
The good for all.

Continued division,
Will lead to, 
Humanities elimination.

Always seek to restore,
A balance.
If humanity, 
Refuses to align,
With Nature.
Nature will make, 
The necessary adjustment.

R. O'Neill (August 19, 2017)

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