Thursday, 10 August 2017

Soul's Dictum

Who then would suppose
To map my destiny?
What do you know of me?
That you would believe 
That along with your life
It falls upon you 
To define mine
Would you suppose
I was created
For the appeasement of
Your fears and agenda?
What then of my soul?
Do you care?
Did you consider for a moment
Whether your design
Had anything to do 
With my full potential 
Being realized?
Or did you think
I could find contentment
Ensuring my footprint 
Upon the world
Didn't upset 
The limitations
Of your apple cart?
Don't expect
My conformity
I am nothing like
What you imagine
I was born 
For greater things
Than to be bound
By the choreography
Of a soul-crushing
The strings you pull
Will not bind me
Realize that 
The smothering mediocrity
You offer as love
I cannot abide
It is my solemn
Pledge to my creator
That my heart
Will never be made to 
Bare that yoke
Why then would I renounce
The assurance 
Of a safe haven?
To balk when asked to join 
The rank and file.
Not one asks:
Who are you?
What have you come 
Here to do?
No .. 
The pinnacle 
Is take a number
And cue over there
What if my vision 
Is not successful 
You ask?
I will have failed
While holding 
The universe in my gaze
I will have been wildly successful
At living into being
The best possible version 
Of myself
You may well 
Be consumed in your disappointment
I will leave you to that
While I 
Celebrate in alignment
With the call of my Soul 

R. O'Neill (August 09, 2017)

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