Sunday, 13 August 2017

Room With a View

Held within
A love so replete
To satiate 
All want and hunger
Infinitely expandable
Equally available 
For all living beings

Before you enter
Fair notice
Through the myriad
Of labyrinthine corridors
In effigy
Those imprints
Impressed over
A life well lived

Make no mistake 
There is no claim
Of purity
The hollow echo
Of a brittle morality

The walls and paths
A weave
Of unrequited love
Mine and "Theirs"
Betrayal and Deceit 
In the form
Of victim and perpetrator
The angels themselves
Was I ever, to show up?
Neglect and abuse
Well yes
That was me too...
Vast stores of Shame
Once convinced
I took up too much space
And good air

I've no intention 
To deceive you
For this is my heart

All it's residents
Are blanketed 
In the warm embrace
Of Love and Forgiveness

They have been 
Held and caressed
Chiseled and polished
Yielding now
The deepest compassion
Vast pools of empathy
Bathed in Humility
And awash in gratitude

Here you will find 
No judgment

Free admission
Shoes off at the door
No minimum stay
The love that welcomed
Will remain after you've gone

You need not bring
Your love or approval
It is amply supplied
You can ensure then
That your own
Supply be maintained

A lifetime in the making
A hallowed chamber
My own state of reverence
Guest's are responsible
For their own

Your choice to enter
Can now
Be a free choice
Enveloped in transparency

R. O'Neill (August 13, 2017)

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