Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Risen from a Dark Night

What could have comprised 
The ash, from whence 
the Phoenix
Would make 
Its meteoric ascent?

 First necessary
To drain the swamp
And unburden
It's wings
To prepare for flight

Long did it linger
In the primordial ooze
Of a psyche 
Tainted by
A judas kiss delivered
To a soul 
Then left to languish 

Dependent on a willingness
To face the labyrinth
Of a timeless darkened night
Decaying dreams
Rotting betrayals
The putrid stench
Of self-hatred
The reek of betrayal
And the cavernous abyss
Of denied grief

The bright light of Love
For both
And to transmute 
What is found.
Previously unknown
Honed and tempered
Through the dark of night
Will prove 
For the dawning
Of "the rise.."

It is not until 
Faced in it's entirety
That the contents of the swamp
Completely transformed 
And assimilated
Are now tinder dry
The continued intensity 
Of Love's energy
Brings about 
A magnificent combustion

From a divine alchemy
A new life 
From the ash 
Of the complete destruction 
And all that remains
Of the previous

R. O'Neill (August 15, 2017)

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