Tuesday, 8 August 2017

More Grieving - Less Defending...

He fought
As Nazi and allied paratrooper
As crusader and warrior of Mohammed
As missionary and Pagan chieftain
As Liberator and as terrorist
As tyrant and revolutionary
As Settler and as Indigenous inhabitant
As Israeli and Palestinian
As Catholic and Protestant
He fought 
For democracy
To establish Communism
Who was he?
Not just some heartless killing machine
He was 
A father
A son
A brother
An uncle
The neighbour
From the next farm
The wars rage on
Never has there 
Been the establishment 
Of lasting peace
When can the man grieve
Who lost so much
If he came back
He was no longer 
The man that began the campaign
Full of bravado and a noble cause 
How is the man 
To face himself
And reckon with a country
That turns it's back 
Once he returns
What is to be done
With the feelings 
Once he discovers
The drum beats 
Through out his community
To place him as fodder
But the cause was tainted
And the Heroes welcome - denied
Blind patriotism, heartless ideologies 
Wage the war
A call echoes through 
The lands
That "able men"
Rise to the call
In the next breath
"Men, start all the wars"
Violence that has plagued humanity
For eons 
Suddenly becomes a gender issue
Never mind 
The resurgence of the glorification 
Women as warriors
Are we to believe
They would wage war - compassionately?

What will he do 
With the grief repressed
As he sells his soul
Day after day
In the corporate board room
Laying lives and livelihoods
In ruins 
To affect mergers and takeovers
Destroying the environment
Enslaving people in sweatshops
Does anyone at the gated home
Know or care 
What he does at the behest 
of the shareholders
In order to keep climbing that "success" ladder
Would the family
Forego the lifestyle
In order for him 
To save his soul?

And what of the man
That throughout history
Has sacrificed his body
In ancient colosseums 
Waging mortal combat 
Or in modern day arenas and stadiums
On ice rinks and pitches 
To satisfy the blood lust 
And entertain 
 Spectators male and female
A collective cry 
Rings out from the crowds
For the heads of the opposition 
The official that makes an unfavourable call
Yes there's a imbalance 
Of Masculine energy 
On the planet 
But it's not all embodied in, nor entirely encouraged by, men..

Each is responsible for their own healing
Regardless of gender
The time 
For blame and victim consciousness
Has outlived it's best before date
Conditions on earth
Are brought on by humanity
They weren't created in isolation
They most certainly 
Will not be resolved 
That way

There is no denial here
Of oppressions and transgressions
Sins of omission and commission
of the past
Men must become responsible 
for their own healing and growth
Support for each other
Being paramount and long overdue

Society as a whole
Must examine it's priorities
And decide on the status quo
Or, creating conditions and ideals
That encourages 
The healing of men and women
The beliefs, behaviour and values
Of the modern world
Continue to uphold and perpetuate
The conditions that inflict further wounds
And push much of humanity
Further away from
Creatively seeking resolution
Within themselves
And each other
I suppose 
Men will cease
Waging war
When they are 
Sufficiently convinced
It's safe to stop

R. O'Neill (August 08, 2017)

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