Friday, 11 August 2017

Hand + Hand = Handsome

How could I face eternity

Knowing I hadn’t held your hand

A simple act

Replete with ample opportunity

To fulfill incarnate intention
To drink of the cup
The nectar of sensuality

To feel life itself

Dressed in the warmth and tenderness
In that,
Which envelopes your essence

 Offering the physical manifestation

Of our oneness

I’d do well to remember.

Such that,
 I felt your heartbeat.


In my chest.

A harmonizing of energies,
That held time in suspension.

What was it then?
What could have possibly presented?

That, which I allowed..

To errantly reign supreme

Nothing in the known universe.

Can be brought to bear,
That measures worthy.

To have accepted exchange.

For what is now,
This lost opportunity.

To have entertained, 
This clouded judgment.

And deny the gift of you.

You freely offered,
To place in my hand.

Had I not taken leave
Of my awareness.

Of a time-limiting reality.

Maybe then,
I would have 
Held on.

Like there was

No tomorrow

I want to hold your hand.

Until it unique signature

Is indelibly written 
Across my cellular memory.

I want to remember

I must remember 

How could I forget

Please will you



R. O'Neill (August  11, 2017)

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