Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Journey With Heart

What journey? 
What mode of conveyance,
Have you booked 
passage on?

There most certainly
Are many 
Beautiful and amusing
Attractions on most routes

Be wary
Many the traveller
As become infatuated
And lost sight of their destination

You believe your choice
To be the finest?
And well it is
That you be pleased  

Temper your enthusiasm
And respect 
The choices of others
The love of their choice equals yours

You have disembarked
If yours disallows 
Those on parallel, but unique paths

If your choice is defined 
As exclusion or disdain
Of others - rest awhile there
But this is not the end

At the hub
Where all roads converge
The collective heart

Once there 
You will have 
No capacity 
For judgement 

The heart 
Of your fellow travellers
Will be revealed 
To be one with your own

If you've a continued need 
To condemn and persecute
You are at the side show
Not the grande finale

When you've found
The centre of your heart
The need to announce your arrival
Will be overcome by your heart

No further need to journey
Your heart will be known
By your 
Living of it.

R. O'Neill (August 01, 2017)

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